Editorial Policy (Continued)
Coverage of the Industry

Cattle Buyers Weekly’s (CBW) coverage of the industry provides its readers with a penetrating and detailed weekly update of all important issues and developments.

Its coverage focuses primarily on the beef sector. It also includes extensive coverage of the pork sector. Its coverage includes all key supply and demand issues involving cattle, hogs, beef and pork.

This coverage comes in a concise, easy-to-read newsletter format designed for today’s time-precious business environment. 


“As I pay my subscription to CBW, I know it is one of the best investments I make all year. At a time when we are overwhelmed by reading material, we still look forward to your weekly update. Our industry is fortunate to have your  talents working for us.”

Wythe Willey, beef producer, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“Keep up what I think is the most interesting, factual and useful of the trade publications.”  

Raoul Baxter, meat packer, Smithfield, Va.

CBW gives me a more comprehensive view of the whole  industry than any other publication. I can’t stress how valuable we think it is for our business forecasting.”

Bob Jones, rancher, Dell City, Texas

“Thank you for your extremely informative newsletter. Keep up the great work.”

Bart Vittori, food distributor, Melrose Park, Ill.

“CBW keeps us informed on current events and trends, helping our research to be current and relevant to the beef industry.”

Dr. David Lund, animal scientist, College Station, Texas

“If someone wants a balanced and detailed view of the U.S. meat industry each week, they need to read Cattle Buyers Weekly.”

R.L. Freeborn, food marketer and beef producer, Redmond, Ore.

This is quite the best publication that I read. One of the things I like the most is that it’s factual and extremely concise.”

Dell King, livestock dealer, Hopkinsville, Ky.


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