Editorial Policy

Cattle Buyers Weekly (CBW) stakes its reputation on its independence and impartiality, and fairness and accuracy in its reporting of the meat and livestock industry.

CBW is a privately-owned publication that is not affiliated to any industry organization or commercial entity.

CBW maintains its editorial objectivity in several other ways. Its Editor and Publisher owns no shares in any meat or food company, does not trade on the commodities futures market and does not feed or own any livestock. 

CBW also accepts no advertising.

CBW thus maintains an independence which allows it to report on the industry without fear or favor to anyone.


“Thank you for your objective and positive reporting.”

John Lacey, beef producer, Paso Robles, Calif.

“I continue to be impressed by your balanced and logical reporting… I would like to extend our appreciation of your outstanding reporting of the issues at hand.”

Dave Plett, cattle feeder, High River, Alberta

Cattle Buyers Weekly effectively addresses the important issues facing the industry. Your thorough coverage of both sides of every issue is appreciated.”

James L. Holzer, analyst, Chicago, Ill.

Editorial Policy (Continued)

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