Business Coverage

Cattle Buyers Weekly each week provides detailed business coverage of the meat and livestock industry. This coverage includes reports on structural changes and financial performance. Subjects covered include:

  • examination of cattle feeding margins

  • mergers and acquisitions in the cattle feeding sector

  • mergers and acquisitions involving meat companies, retailers, foodservice companies, restaurant chains and others

  • latest E-commerce developments

  • meat plant developments, expansions and closures

  • weekly reports of packing industry profit margins

  • quarterly financial results of meat companies, retailers, foodservice companies, restaurant chains and others

  • company profiles

  • key personnel changes within the industry

  • meat marketing and new product development.

  • global trade issues

Hereís an excerpt from a recent story.

The move to case-ready beef gets a huge boost with Wal-Martís decision to stock the product in 180 stores. The nationís second largest grocer will start using case-ready (CR) product in April. Wal-Mart joins No. 1 grocery chain Kroger in introducing case-ready. Its decision will accelerate the meat industry into producing CR beef on a massive scale. In addition, Wal-Mart expects to move almost as fast to case-ready pork in its 180 stores. Wal-Martís embrace of case-ready represents the single biggest change in the history of meat retailing. CR beef could account for more than 50% of U.S. retail sales in five years time, say observers.

Cattle Buyers Weekly, March 13, 2000


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